Strawberries are worth running for!

Caitlyn and I after finishing!

After dealing with some strange soreness that halted all of my running last week, I completed a 15k in under 2 hours!

Last week, I set out on Saturday for what should have been my long run for the week and could barely make it one mile. I was experiencing tight, painful thighs and calves. I slowly walked home and stretched good. I was hoping it was tight after the Gate 15k. I took a hot bath to relax my muscles.
Sunday: repeat… I couldn’t run more than a tenth of a mile without having to stop. I cried… Thought my running was over.

After a whining session and advice from Caitlyn, a Epsom salt bath, a sports massage, lots of stretching and two days of rest I attempted a walk with Parker in the stroller. I felt good and ran a few short runs. There was light at the end of the tunnel.

Another short run on Thursday night to ensure I could run longer distances to be ready for the Strawberry Classic 15K on Saturday.

The race was a lot smaller than we are used to and the start wasn’t super official. We started in the back of the pack and about a mile in I was experiencing bad shin splints in one leg and my mom’s calf cramped up. Oh no… Can we even finish this one?

Mom and I after finishing!

My legs started to feel better about mile two, but it took my mom a little longer to work her calf out. She told me to run on and not wait on her.

As I got through the very windy but beautiful course in Temple Terrace, I enjoyed my music and the views!

I finished in under 2 hours! So happy! I found a bottle of water and a Caitlyn!

She congratulated me and we caught up on how my legs were feeling. Then I headed backwards on the course to cheer my mom to the finish line. As she rounded the corner, I could tell she had found someone to run with! As they got closer I realized it was Jenn! She teaches next door to me and we are both working towards the Iron Girl Half Marathon in April!

All in all it was a good run. My only complaint was the arrows on the course didn’t color coordinate and I almost made a few wrong turns!

We did enjoy strawberries afterwards! I ate them so fast, I didn’t get a picture of them!

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