Staying Organized with Bullet Journaling

About four months ago I was introduced to Bullet Journaling at the Blog Her Conference. I was hesitant to start something new but knew that my organization needed some work.  To get some background on bullet journaling, check out the original site for Bullet Journaling by Ryder Carroll!

I was intrigued by the idea and started watching lots of YouTube videos on bullet journal to see different examples and looks.  Most folks that bullet journal and create videos online make BEAUTIFUL layouts and doodles. I was intimidated by this at first but decided I would go for a utilitarian version of the bullet journal.

The premise of the bullet journal is that you start with a blank journal and make a calendar that works and expands with you.  For example, I don’t create a new month until I am ready for it. It’s a working journal that holds all of my notes from meetings, calendar, and to dos. The only difference that you will see in my images below is that I don’t use the bullets, I use squares for to do items – I like to check the boxes off!

The beginning of my journal holds a few key things: reference pages for logins, account stuff, running blog ideas list, and a future log. The future log is the key to keeping the future at bay to focus on the present. Below is a picture of my future log for the rest of 2017.

Then comes the good stuff: a monthly view of the current month!

Followed by the four to five weekly spreads for the month.

The pages after the weekly views are left open. I utilize these for meeting notes, bigger projects, or planning pages.

Once I get to about a week before a new month, I layout my monthly and weekly views for the next month. Some people might say this takes too much time, but I have actually found the process therapeutic and helps me feel ‘ready’ for the month ahead.

I was worried this was going to be a phase and just a fad, but I have never felt more on top of what I need to get done than I do in this season!

Have you ever tried a new organization system and loved it?

3 thoughts on “Staying Organized with Bullet Journaling”

  1. Oh wow. That is so impressive and yet, so intimidating. 😀 I love making lists and everything is in my google calendar but there is something therapeutic to laying it all out on front of you and checking off tasks.

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