Star Wars: The Dark Side Recap

I was so excited to share my Boston Marathon recap with you that I missed sharing another race weekend with you as well.  You see, I registered myself for the 10K/Half Marathon challenge before I knew I was going to be selected to run Boston for Rett Syndrome.  I was able to defer my Star Wars race registration to the following year, but the rest of the family still had races to run!

David and Tori ran the 5K on Friday morning!  They were not super happy about the early wake up, but these faces explain how they came around.

After running, they were ready for some food and a nap!
While David and Tori recouped from their run, Parker and I enjoyed a little park time! We met up with her friend Juliana, who would run the kids races the next day with her! Her mom, Yvonne –  My BRF, ran the 10K/Half Marathon Challenge during the Dark Side weekend!

We visited the new characters in Epcot – Joy and Sadness from the movie Inside Out.

And rode the monorail over to Magic Kingdom to see Buzz…

and twirl in a teacup!

We ended out night with some Hibachi in Japan at Epcot!  This was the latest dinner we’ve ever eaten in a park and technically the park was closed when we left.  It was strange to be the only people in the park! 🙂

The following day Parker ran the Kid’s Races – 200 meters – with her friend Juliana!

I’m so proud of this little girl!  She did great!

Earlier in the year when she ran the kid’s races in January, I got to run with her – so I gave David a chance to run with the little munchkin!

With all of the kids running around, I can’t believe we bumped into her little buddy Keland from her Day School class at school!

The family got to experience their first full Run Disney experience! We will be back to the Dark Side next year for sure!  I’ve still got my guaranteed deferred entry to run it – I just need to sign up the rest of the family!

I didn’t get any ‘bling’ from the weekend, so I decided that I needed to add another Alex and Ani to my collection with Yoda.  It was also pretty perfect because in just 48 hours after leaving Disney, I would be ready to start the Boston Marathon!

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    1. Thank you! And thanks for stopping by! The little ones always have a blast at the kids races – best $20 I’ve ever spent!

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