Someone Has to Say It – Race Etiquette

I’ve posted something similar like this before, but thought I would update the list!

So here you go… someone has to say it… what I would REALLY say to people as I’m running a race! 

1. Move to the right. This goes for those who run/walk in intervals.  I happen to be one of them.  But when you are going to stop move to the right, give a jesture that you are stopping and be aware of the people around you.  Also, when you walk, don’t do it 10 people wide!  Be considerate!

2. Don’t spit there.  I have thankfully not been spit on, however I have heard of people being spit on or worse…. got the backsplash of a snot rocket! Again, store some tissues in your pockets or move to the side to handle your business.  I get it – the body does crazy things when you run, but don’t let that take away your good manners.

3. Get better at basketball. As I am not the fastest runner, I generally end up running through cups and water at water stops.  Seriously… if you are done with your water, toss it on the side of the road and then find a trash can for your cup.  If a trash can isn’t available (race directors, make sure there are trash bags/cans a little bit after a water stop to aid with this!), then throw your cup on the side of the road.  This helps two groups of people: 1. Your fellow runners behind you and 2. The volunteers that are going to have to pick the cups up!

4. Pick up your trash! If you use GU or gummies or whatever… don’t throw your trash on the ground.  Do you really think a community is going to want to have an event in their area again if there is a bunch of trash along their roads after we’ve been there? No!  So do us all a favor and be better than that.  Either hold it till the next water stop and throw it away or put the trash back in your fuel belt and toss it later!

5. Do you realize that’s a volunteer? I generally say Thank You as I run through a water stop or aid station.  It’s polite.  These people are here on their own time.  They woke up early to get to their spot and make sure the water was ready for when you ran by.  Don’t fuss if they don’t hold the cups right or if they have run out by the time you got there.  Again refer to #4, do you think that volunteers will volunteer again if they are treated like trash? No! (Well, maybe the teenagers because they need community service hours!)

My Rant is Over… what’s your biggest race pet peave?

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