Do you prefer to run solo or with other runners?

Solo or Ensemble?

Now this is a multi-level question. I enjoy running solo when I’m actually running, but enjoy running the same race as others. I enjoy getting lost in running and my headphones while I’m running, but I love being cheered for and cheering on other folks. This is just a personal preference, there are some folks that run better with other folks.

Running solo wouldn’t be possible without three things – my headphones, audiobooks and music. My headphones are one of my favorite running accessories. They are made specially for road running. They sit on the outside of my ears so that I can still hear the outside noise. I can hear a car coming or a dog barking or someone talking to me. Check them out: Auria Exceed Earphones

What do I listen to? That depends on my goals for the race. For longer runs I listen to audiobooks. Right now I’m listening to Gone Girl. For shorter runs where I need to push my pace, I listen to music. I have a variety of music that I listen to – some hip hip, R&B, country, Christian. It’s a good mix, that keeps me moving! One of my favorites that I like to use when I’m really trying to push is “Wobble”!

So, two questions for you. Do you prefer to run solo or with other runners? And for those of you that use headphones – what moves you?

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