Small Town Feel

During our vacation we ventured into the past.

A time when things were simplier…

A small shop near Sky Valley.

A craft cooperative in Dillsboro, NC.

Hand-made flowers out of seeds!

Tower in Franklin, NC


When we came back to Florida, I began to get a little sad. Knowing that we live in a city that is so fast paced and impersonal.  I have even heard Tampa described as ‘culture-less’.  Today we went to the Home and Garden show (which I wasn’t impressed with) at the Fairgrounds.

Next door was the Woodworking Show.  We went in and found people still practicing such a lost art.

Sweet people that are doing things the simple way…

David got to make a pen, while being mentored by sweet Alice.

Tony helping a little boy make his pen.  The little boy wanted to put seven burn marks on his pen, because he is seven years old and wants to remember how old he was when he made it!  🙂

0 thoughts on “Small Town Feel”

  1. Oh Jess!
    I am so glad that you are sentimental like me.
    We can just enjoy more when we appreciate what others
    have gone through to create all we have today. It is
    always sad when people are replaced by robots or other machines. Yep! That’s the Girl Scout way… to MAKE things ourselves, huh?!
    I am so glad y’all got to have such a nice spring break vacation!! And I can’t thank you enough for my beautiful waterfall card!! You KNOW I will treasure it always, always remembering that YOU sent it to me, way back in 2011!!! I love you, Grandma

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