Shakeology Cleanse!

So about two weeks ago, I decided that I needed add something to my nutrition to further my goals of running a faster 5K this summer and becoming the healthiest version of me that I can be! After seeing other people’s Instagram photos of their Shakeology I decided to give it a try. Chocolate was not my favorite, but perhaps with a different recipe I would love it. Tropical Strawberry was a hit. The first day I tried it with only 2% milk and it was better (in my opinion) than the chocolate!

So I ordered a 30-day supply! After it arrived I had two shakes in one day. The timing was perfect – Caitlyn posted the instructions for the 3-day Shakeology cleanse. So this last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I completed the Shakeology cleanse!

Day 1 – I had a headache all day. Not a super bad one, but a light headache that wouldn’t go away! I didn’t drink enough green tea and I skipped the fruit in the morning. RECOMMENDATION: Follow what the plan says! And do the optional items on day 1! After some research and picking Caitlyn’s brain, I decided that it was a headache from caffeine/sugar withdrawal.

Day 2 – Not too bad. I was able to maintain the plan even though I went to the mall (food court smelt delicious!). RECOMMENDATION: Don’t watch TV! Every commercial was for some sort of sweet dessert that I was nearly salivating over!

Day 3 – This was the hardest day. Not because of the cleanse, but because I went to work with David. I swapped my dinner salad for lunch, so that I could feel a little normal at a restaurant.

So I did it!  I will report that my weight has not drastically changed (maybe a pound or two), however I will tell you that this weight looks different.  My core area is tighter with less of the ‘pooch’ that we all hate.  During the cleanse I did work out 2 of the 3 days plus before was taking my supplement (the one here –  I believe that I traded the fat weight for muscle weight.

Epiphanies that will change the way I eat in the future:
– I do not have to have coffee every morning!  Swapping my breakfast for a shakeology will give me all the energy I need.  Although I will have a cup of coffee on those tough mornings!
– I do not need as many carbs as I was consuming.  I can make choices that are a touch healthier!
– A salad for dinner is a great way to end the day!  It has all the good stuff I need without all the stuff that weights you down!

So, you want to try this?  Please do!!!  Click the link below and sign up for the Home Direct option. After trying Shakeology for a month, if you don’t like it and don’t wish to continue it – it is easy to cancel! Ordering with the Home Direct option will save you the shipping – which can be almost $13!

There are four flavors: Chocolate, Tropical Strawberry, Greenberry and the NEW Vanilla!  I have heard that the vanilla is the best from coaches that have been drinking shakeology for some time!  Here are some of the recipes that you can make with the Vanilla Shakeology: Vanilla Recipe Calendar

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