Shakeology Cleanse – Round Two (and a giveaway!)

3-day-shakeology-cleanse-instructionsWhen I began using Shakeology last year, I started with the cleanse.  A three day regime of Shakeology, green tea, fruits and salad.  I saw some improvements, but it was a tough three days. Check out the previous post!

So I’m giving it a second round!  With all of the wonderful that accompanies memorials, family gatherings and the Super Bowl, I had reached a high that I was not comforatble with in terms of my weight.  Clothes started to get tight again.  I couldn’t run as fast as usual and I was more exhausted than usual.

So what is the cleanse? Check out the image to the right… click on it to make it bigger!

I waited until the end of a weekend and used three days that I would be in the office and not have too many distractions. So… how’s it go?

20140204-132930.jpgMonday, Day 1: Weight 133.6
I had strawberry Shakeology, an apple, green tea and a huge salad – maybe bigger than was allowed, but it was delicious! I didn’t use a dressing – just a little EVOO and red wine vinegar. I also ‘cheated’ a little bit.  You see, I was taught when I was little that a meal is not complete until you have something sweet.  So for dessert I ate fruit snacks.  Maybe not the healthiest, but it was better than the Oreos that were calling my name from the pantry!

Tuesday, Day 2: Weight 130.6
For breakfast I mixed the strawberry and chocolate Shakeology to make what they call a ‘Chocolate Covered Strawberry’. While it wasn’t the real thing, it was pretty good!  Snacked on strawberries and an apple for afternoon snack, had two cups of green tea and ate what I called a ‘salad pizza’. I topped a pita thin crust pizza with arugala, onions, mushrooms, carrots, bell peppers and pizza sauce.  No cheese, but with everything else on it – I didn’t miss the cheese.

Wednesday, Day 3: Weight 128.
This was toughest day… I drove my mother in law through the chick fil a drive through and didn’t order or eat anything. Will power! I also got a small TV set up in Parker’s playroom and will be using it to workout when it is too dark to run.

Thursday, Final Weigh in: 127.4

So… are you interested? Want to give a three day cleanse a try? I would recommend buying a 30-day supply of Shakeology and really give it a fair shot.  Use the first three days as your cleanse and then continue drinking one shake a day.  I replace my breakfast with a shake – and I use the term replace very lightly, as the occurrence of me eating breakfast on a weekday is very rare!
Click here to connect to more information about Shakeology!

Now onto the giveaway:
Includes: Your Shakeology supply (Tropical Strawberry or Chocolate or a mix) and a supply of green tea for the three days. I am also gonna throw in a $25 gift card for your grocery shopping needs for the three days!

How to enter?
Email with the following information:
1. Name and address
2. What are your health and fitness goals for 2014?
3. What is your biggest obstacle to making these a reality?
Send your information in by Thursday, February 13th. Winner will be announced in Valentine’s day!

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