Second Day of TMR Christmas: ThirtyOne

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I love a great organizer or bag to keep me organized! Whether at Disney or at home, I’m surrounded by Thirty One! 

Today I’m giving away a Thirty One key chain! 

Enter by commenting with the craziest place you’ve ever lost your keys! 

5 thoughts on “Second Day of TMR Christmas: ThirtyOne

  1. Kim

    I’ve never lost my keys, but locked them in my trunk before. I’m very type A and always have my keys handy. 😬

  2. Diane Lucas

    I lost my keys in Costa Rica when I was on a vacation. It was so much fun coming back home and not being able to get in your car or house LOL 🙂

  3. Aunt Sally

    In a hip high pile of snow on a second date in 1988 when my date just ate shrimp and was starting to have an allergic reaction! (no anaphylaxis occurred, praise be!)


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