How to Get Great Race Photos!

I’ve had a few people comment on my race photos with comments like, your race photos are way better than mine. Yes, I have some bad ones, but I always to manage to get a few good photos. So here’s my secrets and a few black mail photos for you to learn from!!
1. Don’t over cheese the camera

2. Don’t make silly hand gestures!

3. Watch our for the crazy people behind you (for those that can’t recognize her – it’s my step daughter Tori behind me!). Also, don’t flail your arms over the finish line! It’s ok to raise them in victory, but don’t look like a goof!

4. Make sure your race number can be seen so that you can get your photos!
5. Have good running form, or at least when you see a camera mam! (This is a non-example!)

6. Grab a friend for a photographer!


7. Grab an innocent bystander to take your photo if it’s a scenic moment!

8. Take a picture before you get all sweaty and gross!

9. Sometimes the lines for “bling photos” in front of their backdrops are super long. Take your own!

10. Look for the camera folks… Fake it for a minute. Act like your feet don’t hurt, you aren’t sweating from all sorts of new places and you aren’t ready to quit!



Here’s to better race photos! In the meantime… Email me your worst race photo!

3 thoughts on “How to Get Great Race Photos!”

  1. This is my new favorite blog post of yours 🙂 Love it! And love all your pics! I’m happy to know I rubbed off on you with the running bug and that it brings such a big smile to your face!

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