Running a Faster 5K

As many of you might remember, my goal for summer running was to increase my speed at the 5K distance. Let’s be honest – it is to dang hot in Florida to run anything more than a 5K! I was successful at completing my goal!!! Look back in the history for the post with my times!

Here are the things I did that really helped my run a 5K:
1 – Cross training – I added TurboFire with the recommendation of my BeachBody Coach, Caitlyn. This made a huge difference in my core strength and greatly improved my speed. Adding a video style cross training was perfect during the summer because of the heat! I didn’t want to run everyday and having TurboFire to break up my routine was perfect!
2 – Interval Running – this was a recommendation from several websites that I read before I took on the “Faster 5K” goal. I would jog for .3 mi, sprint as fast as I could for .1 mi and finish with a .1 mi walk. I would repeat for about 2 miles or so.
3 – Short runs – running shorter distances at a faster pace made it easier to add longer and faster runs later. During the week, I wouldn’t run more than 2.5 miles.

Here are the links that I read to create my summer running plan that led me to a faster 5K:

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