Running 105

Feel free to go back and read Running 101, 102, 103 and 104 first 🙂

This might be the final lesson of what has been a blast of a blog series to write – that is unless you have more that you want me to research and share?

Lesson Seventeen: What are intervals? or what is a fartlek?
Essential these are the same things!  Running with varied speeds to push your body to faster paces.  Sprinting as fast as you can for a period of time and then pulling back to a jog or walk.  Repeat and Enjoy!
Truth is the “Fun with Intervals” run that my running club does (which I haven’t had the privilage to attend), sounds like it can be pretty brutal and challenging.  So training is not always fun, but when we finish it’s totally worth it!

Lesson Eighteen: It’s all about the BLING!
Not diamonds… I’m talking medals.  If there isn’t a medal for a race, I really struggle with whether to run it or not.  If there isn’t a medal, then it doesn’t feel like I have truly finished something!  Those that aren’t natural runners run for the bling!

Lesson Nineteen: What are junk miles?
Junk miles are miles that runners run because they are good for us, but they are not always fun.  They are sometimes called recovery miles. These are miles that are run the day after a longer run.  I have certainly learned their value within the last few weeks. They keep me from being as stiff as I have been after long runs in the past.

Lesson Twenty: When you gotta go – you gotta go!
Port-a-potties, bushes, kind strangers restroom, you name it… it gets used. I know that some of you saw the hysterical video of the runner who would poop on the side of a building during her run at about the same time of day.  I can say that my restroom visits have not included the great outdoors, but I can say that when nature calls and you are running – there is not a lot you can do to hold it back! I know TMI!

I hope that you have enjoyed my fun little series!  I would love to keep going – but we will give it a break for the holidays and see if I have any more to say after the new year!

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