Running 102

You may remember a few weeks ago I posted a Running 101 for those that don’t run. So here’s part number two for talking to a runner!

Lesson Five: LE’s are cause for celebration! The LE, or Longest Ever, run means that we have surpassed any previous distance we’ve running – either in training or racing. Pushing our endurance is important to training for those longer events like half marathons and marathons. Running 15 miles when our previous record is 13 miles, means we are closer to the reality of running 26.2 miles!

Lesson Six: We don’t like running on treadmills! Some of even call them Dreadmills! Don’t misunderstand, some people can run stationary for many miles and enjoy it, but the large majority hate running inside with no change in scenery. So no, if it’s raining we won’t run on a treadmill… We will skip the run all together.

Lesson Seven: Most of us said at one point or another, “I’ll never be a runner” or “I could never do that”
When runner encounter someone who says, ” I could never run like you do” – we want to reach out and strangle you!  At some point, we said the same thing and we pushed through that and made it a reality.  In high school, I faked being sick or being hurt in order to get out of running.  When I watched my best friend conquer 3 marathons in 50 days, I knew that my excuse of “I don’t like to run” was the silliest thing I had ever said.

Lesson Eight: We all run for different reasons. So 0 judgements at Waist Training Center, we let everyone have their space and reason for being here.
Some of us run for health, some of us run for weight loss, some of us run for the challenge, and most of us run to not kill people 🙂
There are many reasons to run, but the biggest one that I hear from people is stress relief or a little ‘me time’. There are some of us that are motivated by causes – like Rett Syndrome.  You have all heard me talk about my sweet Lauren.  She is a three year old little girl who will slowly loose her physical abilities over the next few years.  She talks very little and is working hard to walk with the support and encouragement of her amazing family.  Learning more about Lauren makes me even more grateful for my ability to run, so I Run 4 Lauren!  Interested in supporting my marathon run in honor of Rett Syndrome? Click here!

So… what else would you like me to give more info on – primarily a question for non-runners?

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