Run Keeper Review

So last week I shared my review of Couch to 5K.

This week, I will share with you my review of Run Keeper! After I got frustrated with the pacing issues of Couch to 5K, I was introduced to Run Keeper by a co-worker and friend, Jenn Smith. I got away from Run Keeper when my husband bought me a Nike Plus watch as a “Congratulations” for running my first 10K.

Screen shot 2013-06-03 at 11.54.06 AMI enjoyed it for the brief time that I used it. You can be friends with other runners and see their stats as well. It was an encouragement to see how many times other people had run and it motivated my to run even more! I also loved the interval breakdown (see picture to the right) that it gave me. I was able to see how my runs were doing!

– Ability to log in to the website and correct runs. My phone died on a run and I was able to correct the time and course once I got home!
– Interval runs – either you can use their pre-set runs or you can create your own totally custom runs. I started with time (i.e., 3 minutes run, 1 minute walk) and then transitioned to distance (i.e., .3 mi run, .1 mi walk).

– No ability to see full monthly mileage without upgrading to the elite version.
– Not easy to see phone while running. If I utilized the armband, I would have to awkwardly hold my arm to see my time or distance.

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