Run for the Tatas!

Disclaimer: I have received a free race entry in exchange for promotion and participation on this event!

Last year I was unable to run in the Susan G Komen race for a cure because I had been in a car accident just a few days earlier and was still sore. I had signed up for the 15K challenge and was very disappointed to not be able to run!

This year is different!! I’ve been chosen to be a member of the RAC Pack Ambassador! I’ve selected to run the 10K this year.

This year the venue is changing. I didn’t attend last year’s event, but I did hear a few grumblings for different reasons. I believe that these have all been addressed with the new venue of Carillon Park!!
Check out what it offers:


Komen Florida Suncoast is committed to early detection and assisting under resourced women in getting the much needed screening that could save their lives. They have assisted in reducing the percent of last-stage diagnoses to single digits in their servicing area: Sarasota, Hillsborough, Pasco, Pinellas, Polk, and Manatee counties!

We’ve all been personally affected by breast cancer. Whether it was someone close, or just an acquaintance. My inspiration for running is my aunt. She is a breast cancer survivor thanks to early detection! Some of you may remember a few months back, she rode a spin bike for three hours to raise money for Breast Cancer Research!!

So join me – Race for a Cure!!
Click here to run with me!!
Click here to donate to my personal fundraising goal!

Now a giveaway! I have one registration to giveaway!!
Here’s how you enter: comment below with and tell me about who inspires you to run a race like this! I will put all of the stories in a hat and choose one to feature on my blog and to run with me in October 11th!

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  1. I would love to run a race like this with you. My mother-in-law after a 2 year battle with breast cancer is very recently cancer free. It’s been a long road for our family. Starting with her niece, Katie at 43 passing away in May 2012 just a month before Connie (MIL) was diagnosed. Katie’s passing was very tragic and hit Connie hard. Both are singles moms of 3 children but Katie will never get to meet her grandson who was born in April of 2014 and her youngest daughters husband who she is so deeply in love with. She is watching from above, I’m sure but unable to fully be apart of their lives and hadn’t been a part for several years. Katie unfortunately lost her battle early on with breast cancer when she simply decided she didn’t want to fight it… Connie was not going to give cancer that satisfaction and the results show. She is stronger than most of us could ever dream to be and a 67 is going strong. If she had given up 2 years ago she would never know her beautiful granddaughters who happen to be my twins (born 1/8/13),

    Thanks for your consideration in your contest. I may do this race with or without the free entrance šŸ™‚

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