Risks Runners Face

We see it to often on the news and even among our running groups: someone is sidelined with an injury and can’t run a race they had been training so hard for.  Even more severe, the stories of folks finishing races and suffering from heat stroke or even death. Runners and Triathletes have a unique set of risks that could be padded by acquiring a few pieces of key insurance.

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed insurance professional. I would highly recommend that you seek the advice of an insurance professional before securing any coverage!

Accident Insurance. Have you ever been running or biking and sustained an injury? Things like stress fractures, pulled muscles, etc are considered accidents… no one wants these things! Accident policies exist to assist with medical costs or out of pocket costs while you are injured. These policies can help you pay for things such as ER visits, physical therapy and other related expenses. This will help you recover quicker – we all know the worst thing you can tell a runner is “Don’t run”!

Disability Insurance. Even worse than being sidelined with an injury is not being able to work and provide for those you love. Disability insurance or “Paycheck Protection” is a exactly what the name implies – it assists in providing supplemental income while you focus on getting better so that you can not only return to running, but return to work.  We all love our sport, but we would never want our sport to potentially devastate our family’s finances. 

Cancer Insurance. First – one in three women and one in two men will get cancer – yes… this stinks! Cancer insurance is important as 60% of the cost of having cancer is non-medical. Considering that runners are in the sun more often than most people, we are more susceptible to sun damage and skin cancer. Plus many companies will also pay you to have cancer screening every year!

Life Insurance. Yes, we all need it, but let me push even further into this. Runners are generally very healthy and would likely qualify for a better rating than standard, resulting in a lower premium for the duration of the policy! If you are a runner now, you might not always be (due to injury, etc) – so obtaining life insurance now could be a wise investment.  Life insurance is bought with your health – one day you may not be healthy enough to buy it. There are supplemental benefits that many newer life insurance policies offer that provide “living benefits” that you can take advantage now, so even if you have or have had a policy in the past, it’s important to review the coverage you have.

If you’d like a recommendation for an insurance professional near you, feel free to reach out via email: tampamomruns@gmail.com

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