Reverse Bucket List – 30 Before 30

 30… I’ve heard a variety of responses to this milestone birthday.

“It’s a big birthday”

“It’s all down hill from here”

“You’re just a baby”

“You’re making me feel old!”

But as I’ve celebrated this last weekend with my family and contemplated what the next 30 years might hold, I began to reflect on the first 30. I’ve come a long way and so I’ve put together a Reverse Bucket List – a reflection of the first thirty years that – good, bad and weird – have brought me to this birthday!

I have (in no particular order)…

  1. Played the flute in a marching band
  2. Been blessed with a daughter I didn’t have to birth
  3. Performed a wedding   
  4. Spent a spur of the moment vacation with my mom in the Bahamas
  5. Climbed to the top of a breathtaking cliff in Hawaii 
  6. Took German in high school to impress a boy
  7. Ran into a mailbox with a golf cart
  8. Said goodbye to two grandparents (yes, Memaw was my grandma too!)    
  9. Gotten a tattoo by myself
  10. Agreed to work with my husband (and we’ve made it almost 2 years!)
  11. Run a marathon… Two actually!
  12. Traveled out of the country without my parents before I was 12!
  13. Learned (mostly self taught) how to edit videos
  14. Married my husband in my perfect wedding – with my toes in the sand
  15. Traveled the southeast with an evangelist for a summer  
  16. Seen the Redwood Forest
  17. Made a friend – even though we didn’t speak the same language. Meet Leonora! 
  18. Visited Washington DC twice
  19. Become a triathlete  
  20. Seen Rascal Flats from the front row
  21. Helped choose a mascot for my elementary school – the Rice Creek Dolphins!
  22. Had many silly string fights on Christmas morning
  23. Gone to the U.S. Open at Pinehurst 
  24. Given birth to an adorable little mini-me 
  25. Met a human trafficking survivor  
  26. Made my husband carry my over the threshold of our first home that we purchased together – 6 years after we were married 
  27. Jumped on a trampoline in a prom dress
  28. Worked for a woman who jokingly referred to herself as “The Devil Wears Prada” in my interview… And I survived
  29. Won concert tickets on the radio before I was old enough to win them
  30. Taken a stained glass class

Now the next project is to make my bucket list for the next 30 years! ๐Ÿ™‚

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