Recovery! I wore my favorite compression calf sleeves to bed and will not be exercising today for recovery before my races this weekend! The ones in this picture are Adidas from Sports Authority. They were the first pair I ever bought and they are my favorite for recovery days or nights. I also have several PRO Compression brand ones that are great to wear when running if you suffer from shin splints!

T25 has a lot of leg work (but you can utilize the modifier to reduce the impact!) and I needed some rest!
Recovery is so important for progress in fitness. Imagine if you didn’t sleep and expected that you could stay up all night working. Your work would not be as good – think back to your midnight papers in college, how good were they really? The point is – your body needs rest too! You’ve got to give yourself a round of applause for the work that you’ve done and then SIT DOWN! Whether you take one or two days a week, whatever works for you. I like to have a rest day every 3-4 days.

So what am I resting for? The Tour de Pain in Jacksonville this weekend! I signed up for it months ago as a culmination to my summer training. While I have slacked a little these last three weeks, I feel ready! So what is this race? It’s actually three races – 4 mi on Friday night, 5k on Saturday morning and 1 mi on Saturday afternoon. 3 races in 24 hours! I’ll keep Instagram and Facebook updated over the weekend to let you know how in doing!

Have a great day and don’t forget to build rest into your workout schedule!!

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  1. Jessica,

    Can’t begin to tell you how impressed I am with the excellent planning, preparations, and perserverance you have shown in your training and taking care of your body..believe me it will thank you..Jack was also very thorough in training and resting prior to running the 10K Bolder Boulder every year and he ran it for 23 years. He started at age 57. Tina, too is very faithful in training for marathons and now pays off, because injuries can really take away the fun and excitement of the race..
    Very proud of you, I’m sure your grandmother, Ruthie, would have just loved knowing her granddaughter was competing at this level.

    Will be praying for a good weather, stamina and no injuries for your race in Jacksonville.

    Aunt Sally

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