Rap River and Dunedin Tri

Photo Jun 08, 6 51 11 AMRap River Run: On Saturday, we were up early to head toward New Port Richey.  Yes, We!  David came to support me in my pursuit of what I expected to be a new personal record. After arriving and taking a photo with the huge Suncoast Strider group, I was able to chat with Caitlyn for a short period of time. She has been such an encouragement on my running journey.  The 5 mile course race started first, followed shortly by the 5K.  The water stops were well spaced (on the 5K, although I heard that the 5 mile was not as fortunate).  As I rounded the final bend, the clock said 32:48… which meant I was gonna do it!  I was going to PR by 2 minutes!  I couldn’t believe it!

Photo Jun 08, 8 01 22 AMFinal time for my 5K time was 33:37.  I was dead middle of my age group, which is a great improvement over my first 5K.  My first 5K was February 2nd of this year and I finished in 40:49.  Within five months, I have shaved 7 minutes off of my 5K time!  I couldn’t be happier.  Looking forward to continuing my training this summer towards an even faster 5K!

Dunedin Triathlon: This race was an even earlier start.  I met Jackie at the condo and we rode together.  Jenn and her cheering squad joined us shortly after at Honeymoon Island.  After walking though the mud and making it to the transition area, we set all of our stuff up and went to get out timing chip.  Everything about this race was new to me!  The timing chip was a velcro ankle bracelet that we passed through out the race.  Another new thing was body marking.  Yes, even though I wasn’t getting in the water I had to be body marked.  Our number, 909, was written by a sweet little old lady on both arms and my thigh.  On the back of my legs, she also wrote my age and an “R” (for relay).  The swim started a good distance down the beach and we weren’t able to see Jenn start.  After we could hear the crowd cheer for the first group, we went back into the transition area to wait by our gear.  After Jenn swam 0.25 mi and jogged to the transition, Jackie took on the 12 mile bike.  It was two loops of a 6 mile course that included two bridges.  She dismounted her bike and tagged me out for the run.  About 2 miles of this run was on a dirt trail, which made running at a quick pace hard.  I was searching for all of the things on the ground that could trip me and it took my focus off running well.  With the amount of rain that we received last week, the run course was adjusted and unfortunately cut short.  It was only 2.68 and I finished in 32:15.  It was a slower pace than my previous day’s run at Rap River, but I was so thrilled to be apart of such an inspiring team of ladies!

Photo Jun 09, 3 05 56 PM
The J-Team: Jenn, Jessica, Jackie (in order from left to right in the bottom photo!) This was a before and after picture!

Most amazing parts of the Tri:
– The youth division – these kids were incredible!  We got to cheer them on through their transitions!
– The ages – it was so neat to run and see people pass me while on my walk breaks.  48, 57, 50, 62.  Triathlons know no age… Running knows no age.  I hope to be in the best shape of my life at 50!
– The transitions – you could tell the true triathletes based on how they handled the transitions.  They had their gear down to a science.  Amazing!

First question my husband, David, asked me after the triathlon: Would you do it again?
My answer: I don’t think I would do one again until I could do the whole thing myself.  It was difficult to wait around till the end to run.  I didn’t feel very warmed up and prepared to run when it was my turn.  Did I seriously just admit to wanting to do a sprint triathlon?  I’m missing some gear (a bike being the biggest piece) and I am missing a lot of training!

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  1. I am so glad you are writing all of this down. It must be like a whirlwind to remember all the dates, times, places and impressions at the time! And sweet David! He is so special to always ‘be there’ for you no matter where you are and what you do. I love you, Jess, and as always, I am always soooo proud of you. Love, Grandma

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