Raining Day Activity Tips for Kids

With our recent Tropical Storm and early closing of school, I saw several moms post online that they were going stir crazy.  It appears that we are going to have a more active tropical season, so I wanted to share a few tips for keeping the kids entertained on rainy/hurricane days.

  1. Let them make a mess.  Obviously they can’t destroy the house, but they can move furniture (with help, for the little ones), pull blankets out to make a fort and pull out more toys than they normally would.  It doesn’t have to be cleaned up right away and your sanity is more important than the battle of a clean house! Then make a game out of clean up – or if you get desperate, bribe with money or ice cream!! 
  2. Do an art project – lay down old sheets or large garbage bags to make for easy clean up.  Let them paint a canvas or heck – a large piece of cardboard!  Use alternative painting techniques – the little one and I painted with flowers on Monday and she loved it!
  3. Consider a science project.  A quick internet search will give you many ideas.  Here’s the one we found and even at four she had fun with it. We took ribbon and connected the two parallel cabinets – include a piece of a straw to tape your Zip Line victims on to. I had originally just taped her little figures to the straw but she came up with the idea of a “basket” that her babies could ride in with the medicine cups.  She would ride them up and let them go – the question that I asked her was “Who won? And why?” – this made her think and try different figures to get to her answer!

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