Race Bag Essentials

With two races this weekend (Rap River Run and the Dunedin Sprint Triathlon), I am packing my race bag with all of my essentials. Thought I would share my must-haves!

  • Nike Plus Watch – a must have! I love having my stats on my wrist to glance at during the run. Mine is green!
  • iPhone – I use Pace DJ during my run to keep me on pace!
  • Auria Exceed Earphones – needed for my music! These are awesome because they allow me to hear my music as well as outside noise. I can still hear cars, other runners and the sound of my own feet! They are awesome. My mom and I found them when we crashed an expo in March!
  • Gatorade Chews – I eat 3 of them before a short run to give me an extra boost of energy.
  • Extra safety pins – I like to have extras, just in case. In case, the race doesn’t have them or in case someone else forgot theirs.
  • Flip flops – for after the run!
  • Compression calf sleeves – I don’t wear them on short runs, but I love them for after a run on the drive home! I have a few different brands. Don’t really have a favorite…
  • iFitness Single pocket belt – I put my phone in this while I run. It doesn’t bounce around.
  • Extra bottles of water – the one bottle that is handed to you at the finish line is nice, but I always want a second by the time I get back to the car.
  • Road ID – Road ID is a custom arm band that has my basic information and emergency contacts in the case that I get injured and can’t communicate this information. Hoping to never have to need this! They come in different sizes, colors and styles.
  • Sunscreen – do I need an explanation? I live in Florida!
  • Sunglasses – see above!
  • Chapstick – when running, I breath out of my mouth… this means dry lips. Chapstick is essential to comforting my dry lips!
  • Extra t-shirt – for after the race so that I don’t have to ride home in my sweat!

What have I missed that is always in your bag?

2 thoughts on “Race Bag Essentials”

  1. You have it all down pat. As always, I am always so proud of you. Enjoy the weekend. I am going to enjoy Gamecock baseball super regionals. Playing NC best two out of three. It was suppose to start today but got rained out (for all the working people who would not have gotten to see game 1!! Have fun this weekend!! Grandma PS Yes, I did very much enjoy what the essentials are… in the bag.

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