Pregnancy Story: How we found out!

Sometimes people decide to get pregnant, while others are blessed with a surprise!  I thought I would take a moment to tell how we were blessed with a third baby.  Don’t worry!  The story is PG!

Last year as David and I celebrated our 10th anniversary, we were talking about whether we wanted any more children.  We decided one more would perfect – especially if we could round it out with a boy (that’s a story for another day)!  At that point I was still training for the Chicago marathon in October and knew that with the training, fundraising and travel that had already been arranged, I didn’t want to miss the race.   So we decided to wait until November to try to get pregnant.

The Chicago marathon came and went and we had reached November.  After several failed pregnancy tests, it made me wonder if we would be able to have a third child.  We decided that if we didn’t have a baby in 2018, that God had planned for us to remain a two kid family and we would be perfectly content with that.

Then came December.  In the hustle of getting ready for Christmas – presents, decorations, school functions, new social media clients for me, and Christmas season at the church – I didn’t realize that I was about a week late until the day after Christmas.  It was like life finally slowed down and it hit me… “We could be pregnant!”

David left town the day after Christmas to visit family in Louisiana and on the way home from the airport is when this realization hit me.  So as soon as I got home I got a very clear positive test!  But this is not news that you share over the phone, so I waited until he returned home and let him open the little pair of converse shoes pictured below.  We waited a little bit to tell Parker and extended family due to our history of miscarriage before having Parker.

We had a beautiful maternity session with Mama and Her Camera (Click the picture for more details about her!)

So that’s our story… what about you?  How did you find out you were pregnant with your kids?  Did you tell your partner in a cute way?

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