Pre-Marathon Training Thoughts

You’ve read the thoughts of a fellow future marathoner last week. Thank you Nanci again for sharing!!!

While I will share more details in the future with you about the logistics of my training (fuel, hydration, mileage, shoes, etc.), I would like to share with you today the mental journey that I have been on for the last few weeks.

My running has been unintentionally sparatic and light.  I’ve not run for time or speed, but just ran for relaxation.  I think that I subconsciously was preparing for the mileage that is head of me. You see… there are 460 miles ahead of me (including the 26.2 that will be the culmination!).  I know that people run marathon all the time and that there are crazy people that run multiple within short periods of time.  But at this point I feel like I am looking towards the most enormous mountian that I am about to climb.  I remember feeling this way before I training for my first half-marathon about a year and a half ago.

As my countdown clock app on my phone reached single digits, I realized that this was going to get real – VERY SOON. Everyday I pass the 26 mile marker on the toll road between our office and home.  Everytime I see it – I can’t imagine that I will run from that spot to the end (which is the airport!).

What is my motivation?  Well – selfishly, I want to prove to myself that I can.  When I started running, I had people ask if I was going to turn into one of those crazy marathon people.  I took this as a challenge and can’t wait to join the club of the crazies!  Secondary motivation is my kiddos – I want to prove to my kiddos (Tori, Parker and Lauren, my sweet I Run 4 buddy) that they can do anything!

Lauren’s parents have a ‘marathon’ ahead of them and so does Lauren as she soon starts physical therapy to maintain and gain as much mobility as possible!  She will walk one day!  I’m blessed to be her feet in the meantime!

As I sit here and type this… I’ve got tear streaming down my face.  I can’t wait to take on this incredible challenge and cross that finish line! So raise your glasses (of juice, of water, of… well I don’t care what’s in it!) – here’s to 26.2 miles!




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