People to Follow!

Alright… this will be a huge list, but well worth sifting through!

Before you get to see who I would recommend that you follow – here are the various ways that you can follow me:
– Instagram: @mrsjessicaspivey
– Blog:
– Facebook page:
– Beachbody page:
– Shakeology page:

Need some motivation for your fitness goals? Follow one or more of these people and I promise you will not be disappointed! I’ve put several links for each person so that you can follow your favorite!

Chalene Johnson – she is the creator of TurboFire, as well as several other Beachbody products
– Instagram: @chalenejohnson
– Facebook:
– Her Website:

Jenelle Summers – Sister of Chalene Johnson and Beachbody coach
– Instagram: @jenellesummers
– Facebook:
– Her Website:

Michelle Myers – a Christian woman who has overcome anorexia to become a shining star for God’s grace and healthy living!
– Instagram: @michellelmyers or @crosstrainingcouture
– Her Website:
– Her Crosstraining Couture Website:

Insane Marathon – better know as Jim Blake. An avid runner who creates running plans for half and full marathons with Insanity crosstraining. Among other things!
– Instagram: @insanemarathon
– Facebook:
– His Website:

Caitlyn Connolly – my best friend from middle/high school that has inspired all this running/fitness craziness in me!
– Instagram: @caitlynconnolly
– Facebook:
– Her Website:

Shaun T – Creator of the popular Beachbody programs Focus T25 and Insanity
– Instagram: shauntfitness
– Website:

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