Pasco Challenge Race Recap

Due to an unfortuate injury, the original Tampa Bay Blogger selected was unable to run the Pasco Challenge – so I was the understudy!

I ran the 5k race.  Initially I thought about signing up for the 10K, but decided it was time to get a new PR 5K! I haven’t run a simple 5K in a while.   The last 5K I ran was during the Best Damn Race Challenge and wasn’t my easiest 5K after running a 10K earlier that morning!

So I set out for the race at 7am. The location at Starkey Park was very convenient. It was a cool and beautiful morning!

I met a few random runners and made casual conversation before the start! The course was beautiful and familiar, as I’ve run Starkey quite often with the Striders!

I was on pace to set a PR, but not make it under 30 minutes. I sped towards the finish line and crossed at 30:25! It was a PR by 1:05!


I did get to met two new Striders and then enjoyed some food. I earned a 3rd place age group award and then headed home.

Conclusion: Great event for a great cause!
Only negative: With the expansiveness of Starkey Park there was a lot go walking. It didn’t bother me, but there were families with little ones that found the walking difficult with kiddos that were tired after running.

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  1. Great job on the 1:05 PR! That is incredible! It is a nice little, low-key local race for a good cause. So glad you were able to fill those runner shoes in the last minute!

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