Parker is a thumb sucker!

If you have a hard time telling what is what, her head is on the right (one clear eye and nose down the middle) with her hand and fingers in the middle.  We guessed that she was sucker her thumb!

Thanks to some connections, we were able to see Parker yesterday!  She is right on schedule sizewise and was moving all over the place.  I wasn’t giving myself credit for all the movements that I thought I was feeling.  It was cool to see her and feel her at the same time – gives me a better idea what is actually baby and not just random stomach grumblings! 🙂

Tori was talking to my belly and it was making her go nuts! Towards the end she put her hands in front of her face, as though to say, “Didn’t you get enough pictures, I’d like to go back to sleep!”

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  1. I could see her clearly before I read your … directions to see.
    A-mazing!! Nothing short of amazing!! This is really something to be able to see from here and all along your/and her way. Little miracle! That’s all I can say. Precious life and just to think that God has such plans for her, knows everything about her already. I will watch her growing up, even if from afar, just like I always have you. I love you, Jessica. Grandma

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