Pain, Redemption and Health

Everyone knows that once you settle into being married there are a few extra pounds that seem to creep up!  It certainly was that way for me. It wasn’t enough to cause any major health issues or make me to go super extreme measures to loose the weight.

Then we encountered pain.  I had a missed miscarriage after finding out that we were pregnant.  It was a surprise pregnancy and we were elated.  We heard the heartbeat… and then we felt pain.  Miscarriage is not something that is talked about enough.  After enduring the medical necessities, we forced ourselves to stop thinking about having more children and continued living.

Then redemption!  This is a two part celebration.  My step-daughter decided to move with us full-time.  What a sweet kid and to have her with us all year… amazing!  I am blessed and honored to claim a piece of her.  Part two – we were pregnant again!  We kept it quiet until it was ‘safe’ and then shouted at the top of our lungs that we were going to be adding another little girl to our family – Parker.  Parker is now a toddler that I try and keep up with and Tori is a beautiful, smart freshman in high school.

On the stress scale, my body had enough.  I was at my heaviest I had ever been after having Parker.  It wasn’t just about the weight though.  My clothes didn’t fit well, I would get winded from normal daily tasks and I didn’t have the energy to play like I wanted to with Parker.

That’s when I shifted my focus to being the healthiest wife and mom I could be.  It has been almost a year and a half since I drew the line in the sand and decided that my family deserved better.  Don’t misunderstand – I am not bashing the mom and wife that I was, but I knew that God didn’t just want  me to settle for being ok.  My focus became my health – I started running, I started working out, I started focusing on putting healthy things (mostly… I can’t give up my sweets!) in my body!

So there is my journey to health over the last few years.  I wasn’t super unhealthy, but I love my body now!
You may be in any stage of this process as a woman – email me, let me encourage you!  We need each other’s support!

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