P90X… Here we come!

First, THANK YOU to everyone who prayed for us… made us food… asked how we were doing (and sometimes didn’t ask, but let us be ‘normal’)… shared your stories of similar heartache. It was truly humbling and encouraging! Through several stories, God reminded me that sometimes he allows things to happen in order to save us heartache later on down the road. Stories of couples loosing babies at 5 months or 7 months or having difficulty conceiving at all, were effective in putting our situation in perspective. Luckily, my physical recovery was quick and easy. The hormones catching up to not being pregnant took a few extra weeks. 🙂 David is a VERY patient man!

In other news, David is still playing at Van Dyke North Campus on Sunday mornings and I have been running lyrics for about 2 months now. It is always fun to me to learn new things. Come join us any Sunday morning at 11am at Sun Lake High School in Land O Lakes!

Now… P90X!
Both David and I were both out of shape before we found out that we were pregnant… so when I found out that I was pregnant, I threw the idea of dieting out the window… because I thought I was going to be a beached whale during bikini season! Now, that I have had a chance to grieve and recovery… and realize that I will have to wear a bathing suit in public, we are heading full steam into a routine of exercise and healthier eating.

We started the P90X videos with the Cox’s this week and man… my arms and legs are hurting. It is a good hurt! I have to admit that we are not following the food guide to the letter because you have to make it work in real life… and make a life change in how you eat. Otherwise, we will get to the end of the 90 days and gain it all back unless we were able to make it a practical change in habits… especially my habit for sweets!

My goal is to loose about 10lbs. It will put me right in the middle of what is considered ‘healthy’ for my short little body. I was looking at pictures the other day from our wedding and it was amazing to see the change in my face from just 3 years ago. Like many of you, when I gain weight it shows in my face.

So I need your help with healthy recipes. I have a few to test out this week and next week. If they are good, I will share.

0 thoughts on “P90X… Here we come!”

  1. Thank you for blogging again, Jess!!

    I WANT TO hear of your “everydays”.
    That’s what life is made of, huh?!

    Just wanted to say a favorite snack
    of mine is frozen grapes. I like the
    green ones separated like marbles in
    the freezer. I love to eat them frozen.
    They are so crunchy and sweet but not
    as bad for me as my favorite ice creams!!

    Now exercise…uh, now that’s another
    story for me but I am so proud of you two.

    Please keep me on your blog list.
    love you, grandma

  2. WOW! ever since i knew you you have not been a “lets workout” person. but i cant believe the person who used to microwave cheese is doing p9ox whatever that is !

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