One Year Down!

Well, it has been one heck of a year!  I have laughed, cried, and had a great time!

I was thinking back on the year last night.  I am exactly where God wants me to be and it feels so good!  Here are just a few tidbits of the cool things God did!

  • I got chosen for the iPod training and received 5 iPods to use in my classroom.  They are great for math apps or for reward games after the kids are done!
  • I got to love on a female student who desperately needed her faith restarted after being sexually abused for years by a family friend.  It was an awful ordeal and each day I kept saying, “I don’t know what to say to her or how to help her” and each day God was faithful in giving me the words and the time to be able to speak into her life.  She is still in contact with me on a weekly basis, despite that she moved back home (out of state).  ** Almost makes me cry just typing it!
  • I had a student who lost his nephew.  His sister had a baby and it died within 2-3 hours.  I got to pray with him and give him grace through the situation.  He was so grateful!
  • I was chosen to go to a conference called, “Teach like a Rockstar” with 4 other Wesley Chapel teachers!  It was fun and it was a great day of remembering why I do what I do!  I was in tears several times during the day!
  • I will be the FISH sponsor for Wesley Chapel next year.  It is a club similar to FCA, but less focused on sports.  I mentioned to the current sponsor that I was interested in helping her and she said, “Well actually I am not going to be doing the club any longer, but the kids would love to keep meeting!”  Love how God has opened that door!
  • I was selected to teach the ESY (Extended School Year or Summer School).  Which does mean 10 days out of my summer, but an extra paycheck and a half that Tori and I can use to have fun!!
  • I have a job here next year!  That is the best news of all!  I can’t wait to see what students God puts in my classroom to share his love with!

I am sitting here in my class – all my stuff packed up and cleaned – and I am crying!  I am so blessed!

3 thoughts on “One Year Down!”

  1. Hi Jessica,

    I’m tearing up reading your blog..You can’t imagine how much that I admire you for taking a stand for the Lord in your classroom and with your students.

    During my years working in our public schools, it was verboten to pray, give scripture or even mention God to a student. The high school refused when my daughter and her friends asked to use a small room before school for prayer, citing separation fo church and state. The substitute teacher, a Christian nearly lost his job for going before the school board to champion their cause. He was not hired the next school year.

    I saw many similiar children in need while in a Jr. High counseling office..I literally prayed at my computer and just tried to befriend them and show them the love of the Lord. A Christian counselor and I often prayed together for special kids in need.

    I will pray for you to continue your ministry.

    Aunt Sally

  2. and I sit here about to burst my seams because I am so proud of youuuu!!! I have wondered so many times how it is going for you.

    Many years ago, I was only a substitute teacher but I
    know some of what you are saying because I loved it too…the surprise and difference in every individual.
    Fascinating! And I hardly even know Math; just enough to do what I want with it. I took Business Math, Bookkeeping, etc. I know it’s great for you
    when they discover answers. Yep! I think you are
    100% correct, Teacher. You are definitely where you are called to be and I am so glad.

    You will always remember your first year of teaching
    your very own class. Now go enjoy recess.

    I love you, Jess. Grandma

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