One REAL week in!

With my first week of work tainted by an accident, this last week was my first REAL whole week of work since school ended back in May.

First, accident – most of you saw the pictures on Facebook or Instagram but here’s the short version. We were stopped at a red light heading south at Dale Mabry and County Line roads when I heard tires screech and BAM BAM! A corolla hit me (in my small SUV – Mazda Tribute) hard enough to hit the Range Rover that was in front of me, also stopped at the light. The very sweet lady who was behind the corolla stayed, left her info in case the cop wanted to call her and checked on David and I – she said our car went off the ground in the rear when we got hit.

20131013-064004.jpgWe are all healthy, no major issues. The car was deemed a total loss this last week and David and I got to do some car shopping this weekend. We’ve at least narrowed down the option for an SUV with a third row to the Honda Pilot and Ford Flex – leaning towards the pilot.

Now onto my work week. We are currently in a much smaller space than we need right now, but are moving to a larger place in November. With open enrollment just one week away, our office had been crammed with boxes of flyers, brochures and giveaways. I was able to organize it a little and label the boxes that agents need to be taken home on Monday after our kickoff meeting.

I answered phone calls, put out fires and processed my first life application!! Almost every day I looked up at the clock and realized it was lunch time before it felt like it should have been. Two days I didn’t realize I needed to eat lunch until almost 1:30. The work keeps me going and passes time fast.

I am blessed to work with the team that I do. Several of them were in the office at different points in the week, but always at the perfect time to answer my newbie questions! Hey… And my boss is treating me pretty good too!
(For those of you that don’t know, my husband is my new boss! 😊)

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