5 things you might not know about me

1. I have no full siblings.
When someone asks about my siblings I say I have 4. I’ve considered them siblings. Never thought anything less because they were half siblings. I had blood work for a new life insurance policy and learned that they don’t count half siblings when considering medical history. Doesn’t change my love for them, but an interesting fun fact!

2. I hide cookies!
That’s right. I got Girl Scout cookies at Publix about two weeks ago and I hid them. Sometimes there are things worth hiding so that you can savor and enjoy them before the family can get to them!

3. I have a Thai food addiction.
There’s a Thai place close to my work and they know my order when I walk in… I just like what I like! By the way, my order is Chicken Panang 3-stars of spicyness, they offer four but I’m not insane!

4. I have only one cup of coffee every morning.
Normally it is something with hazelnut or caramel with a splash of milk, no sugar!

5. I see mathematical equations everywhere.
An address, the time on the clock or a phone number trigger my mathematical side and I try and manipulate the numbers to create a true statement. Example: there is a county facility on the way to Irma’s (the lady that watches Parker during the day) that has a street number of 15413. Here’s the equation that I see every morning: -1+5=4  4-1=3


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