Nike Plus Watch Review

Nike watch report at the end of a run!

Two weeks ago I wrote about my Couch to 5K experience. Last week I wrote about my RunKeeper experience.

This week I will share my favorite running accessory with you – My Nike Plus Watch! It was a gift from my husband, David, as a celebration of running my first 10K.

Image from iPhone app showing my records!

I love everything about this watch. It tracks your run utilizing GPS and also utilizes a shoe pod if you don’t have GPS signal (if you are running on a treadmill, for example). It is easy to see while running. It lights up at night. It plugs into a computer for uploading your runs to After uploading to, I can view my runs on my phone with the Nike app. It maintains a history on the watch and online. You can be friends with people and the system will rank you my your mileage for the month and week.

Screen shot from iPhone app with the log of my runs for easy comparison of basic statistics!

During your run you can utilize the buttons on the side to scroll through the different statistics: pace, average pace, distance, time duration, clock. I have mine watch set on my interval days to run at .4 miles running and then .1 miles walking. This is a setting I can easily turn off before a run, if I choose to just run at whatever pace or distance I want to.

– You are not able to edit runs, but I haven’t had an issue with the watch running out of battery so I haven’t needed this feature like I did with RunKeeper.
– If you are running in a new location, if can take a few moments for the GPS signal to connect. I utilize the QuickStart mode when it has trouble finding me. The quickstart mode utilizes the shoe pod until the GPS connects.

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