So, I am the new person and I have done my very best to keep my mouth shut (which many of you know is hard).
But in all of my listening this week, I have a few observations:
– Perhaps the low teacher pay and years of focusing on state testing has made teachers callus to the reason that they began teaching in the first place.
– In every group of teachers, you will have the following personalities: the one that always has a question to ask, the one that is 90 years behind technology, the one that is smarter than everyone else, and the one that can’t be positive about anything.
– Too many teachers are stuck in ‘that’s the way that we have always done it’ mode.

Can’t wait to have students… Teachers are wearing me out!

1 thought on “Newbie”

  1. Amen sista! I love love love my kiddos, but other teachers and worse yet the news media about teachers wears me out. I’m not even back until Monday and I’m tired! 😀

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