New Season – New Goals!

Looking forward to the 2013-14 season, I am ready to master the half marathon! 13.1 miles – WOW! Just eight months ago I would have told you there was no way I could run 13.1. miles! Now, I am a runner!

So what races are on the horizon?

10/5/13 – Susan G Komen 10K/5K Challenge – Register to be apart of my team – I’m running in honor of my Amazing Aunt Sally! We all know someone who has been affected my breast cancer! Run for them!
10/12/13 – Police Memorial 5K in Tampa
10/26-27/13 – Living Dead Challenge – a 5K on Saturday night and a Half Marathon on Sunday morning
11/16/13 – Trot thru the Terrace (not yet registered!)
11/24/13 – Women’s Running Half Marathon
12/1/13 – Brandon Half Marathon
12/15/13 – Florida Holiday Halfathon
1/11/14 – Walt Disney Half Marathon
1/19/14 – Clearwater Halfathon (not yet registered!)
2/1/14 – Best Damn Race – 10K and 5K Challenge
2/22/13 – Gasparilla – Select 55 Challenge 15K/8K
3/8/14 – Gate River Run 15K (not yet registered – 2014 info not ready yet!)
3/23/14 – Florida Beach Halfathon (not yet registered!)
4/13/14 – Iron Girl Half Marathon (not yet registered!)

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