My Pregnancy Experience

Pregnancy – there are no classes or ‘mom’ stories or books that can prepare you for pregnancy. Every experience is different!

Here’s a brief version of my experience:

baby-spivey-36-weeksAfter experiencing a miscarriage roughly a year before we found out we were pregnant again, we were very cautious and didn’t tell many people until we had reached the ‘safe point’.  I had some morning sickness.  I had some cravings – salty at first then sweet. We found out we were having a girl before we were supposed to know!  David and I snuck to a private ultrasound place and found out a few weeks before we were supposed to go for the ‘gender ultrasound’!

Oh the Rice Krispy Treats!  We found a huge box of them (like SAM’s size!) and I ate all of them!  I wasn’t very kind to my body with food or exercise (a mistake I would warn against!).   I borrowed a lot of my maternity clothes – which I highly recommend!

After returning home from a Thanksgiving trip, it was discovered that my body was trying to go into pre-term labor (thanks to a silly fall in the closet early one morning). After being forced to be still for several weeks, once we got the green light – Parker wasn’t ready to come.  We made a few false alarm trips to the hospital.  Then we finally went on December 30, 2011 and I was 5 cm dialated!!! We were having a baby.  Once the contractions really started I laughed at my false alarms!

After a long time of pushing – it seemed like forever!! – we had a baby girl!  She was healthy and had all her fingers and toes accounted for.  Blessed!

So tell me – what was your pregnancy experience?  What was the worst part? What was the best part?  Would you do it again?


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