My Fondest Wedding Memory


Less than a month ago, David and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary!I thought it would be appropriate to share my fondest memory.  It’s hard to choose – from a ceremony at sunset in the beach, fun reception, getting ready with my best friend… The list goes on.

But my fondest memory is a funny one. After leaving the ceremony in the limo, David had the drive take us to the spot where he proposed. Now let me explain the limo situation. We ordered the cute, white wedding limo, but got the 18 passenger black hummer limo. Which was fine with us, since they didn’t charge us anymore!
We had a sweet moment in the dark at Sunset Beach and then headed back to the hotel. In route to the hotel, we realized that we had not eaten enough to call it dinner, so we stopped for some food. At McDonald’s. In a limo. Through the drive though! That guy turned the huge limo on a dime and we got a hamburger! We’ve laughed about it to this day… We took a limo through a drive through!

What’s your fondest wedding memory? Either from yours or someone’s that you have attended!

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  1. Mine involved food too… not a limo, though. We tried to go through the drive-through at Taco Bell, but a car had broken down blocking it off. So, we parked and went in, leaving a trail of birdseed behind. We stood in line, still all dressed up, and ordered some tacos. Fun times!

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