Moving on up!

Literally, moving up to Brooksville – temporarily!

Standing in the middle of our plot!

About 3 months ago, we learned that our landlord would not be renewing our lease because they are moving back to Florida and wanted to move back into their house. We looked at many houses, put in offers on a few and were outbid three times! So we paniced and explored all of our options including new construction. We are building a house in the Land O Lakes/Spring Hill area in a neighborhood! We have already been through choosing the options, initial paperwork, initial mortgage stuff, etc. We are two months into what we have been told is a five month journey.

Our lease is up at our current house on May 15th. Our initial plan was to move in with David’s mom and step dad for the summer. Tori will be at her mom’s for the majority of the summer so we would only be cramped for a few weeks while Tori and I finished school. God is good! Through a series of events, David’s aunt Rita who lives in Brooksville decided that she was going to move to Arkansas. She is listing her house, but doesn’t expect that it will sell soon with how houses are going in her area and neighborhood.

Parker learned about Dandelions!

God is so good! He provided a place for us to stay and has been in every detail of this journey! We have moved up to Rita’s house in Brooksville and will finish the school year out with a little longer commute. When we close, we will move from Brooksville to our new house!

So here is some information about the house: It’s a 4 bedroom, 3 bath house. It’s on a cul de sac. It has a three car garage. They should be nearing the end of the permitting process. It will take 3 months to build. We should clothes middle to end of August. It has conservation on the right side, conservation behind and one neighbor on the left. Did I say God is good?

Next steps: we will be loading the bulk of our furniture and David’s garage (tools, wood, etc) into a pod on Saturday, May 11th starting at about 10am. If you are able to join us, we would love to have a few extra hands! Plan to join us!

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