Mommy Wars

This blog was inspired by this article: Tampa Bay Moms

Becoming a mom has many choices. Some of these choices are nature-imposed and others are a carefully selected set of events. Normal conception, medically assisted, adoption, fostering. Breast-fed or formula. Scheduled feedings or on demand feeding. The list goes on and on. Sometimes we, as mothers, judge other mothers based on these things without knowledge of the reason that the choice was made. Not only is this an issue inside of each generation, but an inter-generational issue. How many of you have been with older women (family or not) and felt that they were judging you because you weren’t having or raising a child just like they did? Even further, those that do not have children – by choice or not – they are still aunts, sisters and daughters. Why are we so hard on each other!

Now, all of this leads me to tomorrow. March 4 is Moms for Moms Day!
If you are a woman, I’m going to ask you to do three things tomorrow (or better yet, get a jump on it and start tonight!)

1. Read this article. Consider what you’ve felt judged for and send in your truth sign!
2. Think about a woman that you have placed your judgement on because of the choices that you made (or a decision that was made for you!). Acknowledge it. Make a change in how you interact with them. If the judgement has been severe enough to sever a relationship – apologize!
3. Think about a supportive woman that had helped you become a better mom/aunt/sister/daughter. Take a minute and say thank you – phone call, email, handwritten note, it doesn’t matter to me how, just say it!!


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