Mom and Dad Review: Audi Q7

My husband and I had so much fun with the Q7 this past weekend that I thought I’d share both sides of the review: the mom comfort/safety side and the dad technology/gear head side! Grateful he agreed to double team this one with me!! 

Why a Mom would love the Q7:

  • Air conditioned and heated seats – while I utilized the heated seats more during our time with the Q7, I can imagine the AC seats coming in handy in the Florida summers!  
  • Child locks at your finger tips – convenient buttons located near the window controls, the child locks can be activated or deactivated at a moments notice depending on the passengers in your car!   
  • Large moonroof that extends to the second row  – whether day or night, sun or rain, Parker wanted the window open and she loved looking out!  
  • Power third row – this makes loading the Q7 super easy during a grocery trip! One button touch lays the seats down for more storage room in the back!
  • Hideable center display  
  • Lots of storage! This weekend we put the Q7 to the test when my hubby decided to get a grill for his birthday present!  
  • Fuel efficiency – the Q7 lives up to its 19/25 mpg using its 22.5 gallon tank providing over 500 miles per tank! 

Why a Dad would love the Q7:

  • Digital and customizable cockpit – because it is a screen, there are several view options to see car information, music, phone or navigation options!   
  • Apple car play – you can utilize iTunes Radio or music from your phone, listen to audiobooks, make phone calls, have the car read your text messages to you and respond with Siri! 
  • 360 degree cameras   
  • Bose Sound System – the model that we drove came equipt with the Bose package, however there is a Bang & Olufsen upgrade available.   
  • Drive modes – with the ease of changing from comfort to dynamic modes, the Q7 allows for switch between a comfortable ride when the family is in the car to a responsive sports car feel!  
  • Sports car feel – the 2017 boasts 700 pounds of weight loss from its previous model combined with a supercharged 333 horsepower engine provide a quick ride that can reach 60 mph in just 6 seconds! It also has a super tight turn radius that makes you forget you are driving an SUV.

Thank you to the team at Audi Tampa for the introduction to the Q7. I don’t think I would have considered Audi for a future SUV purchase until this experience!  


Thank to my relationship with the Tampa Bay Bloggers and the Reeves Import Automotive in Tampa, I was able to test drive the Audi Q7 in exchange for social media sharing and this blog post review. All opinions are my own! 

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