Tampa Mom Runs So That She Can Eat Mini Doughnuts – Mini Doughnut Factory Tampa

I am changing my blog name… Yes, I run to be healthy.  I run to set an example for my kids. I run to clear my head. But mainly I run so I can eat food!  And those of you that have followed my social media know that I am in love with the Mini Doughnut Factory in Tampa.

The 16-Pack gives you a chance to try lots of flavors!
Disclaimer: There isn’t one – I am writing this post on my own accord and because I honestly love what they do! And yes, I’m just kidding, I will continue to remain TampaMomRuns, but now you all know my secret!


So let me give you the inside scoop:

My Favorites:

  • Cold Brew – I have had cold brew other places, but theirs is so smooth.  It is locally roasted and brewed for them. It’s a must try with your doughnuts.
  • Camp Fire – S’mores…. Enough said.
  • Samoa – Girl Scouts, you’ve got competition!
  • Cookies and Cream – a classic!
  • Sweet Pig – Maple and Bacon… Can you go wrong with Bacon?

Cold brew with a Smores and Snickers – a perfect pair!
Insider Tips:

  • Sunday is a special day… They have a chocolate cake doughnut on Saturday and Sunday.  They have a blueberry cake doughnut on Sunday.  They have a featured special on Saturday and Sunday that they preview on their social media on Friday! Sunday is the holy grail – vanilla, chocolate, blueberry and the weekend special!
  • Call ahead with your order.  If time is important, call ahead.  I personally love waiting in the lines.  We meet people.  Talk favorite doughnuts, etc.  A few weeks ago, we met a lady on vacation from NC that heard about the Mini Doughnut Factory and had to come visit.
  • Eat them fresh.  They take great care in ensuring that your doughnuts are made to order and as fresh as possible. Even if you are taking a large box back to your home or office, get a 3-pack for yourself to eat immediately after they are made.  They are delicious anytime, but they are the BEST right after they are made.

Follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to stay up to date with their weekly specials!
What I’ve Not Tried Yet:

  • Doughnut Shakes! They sound amazing. They blend your favorite Doughtnut into a milkshake.  The only reason I have yet to try them is because I am so helplessly addicted to their cold brew!  But this Sunday, I will take on the Doughnut Shake!

Owners Patrick and Zee (Patrick pictured) love what they do and it’s evident in how they handled their food and their customers!
Go check them out: Facebook Page, Instagram: @MiniDoughnutFactory or Twitter: @MiniDoughnuts

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