Miami Bound!

I’ve run my first marathon! So now it’s time to get ready for #2!

First – my mother is the reason I’m running Miami – Happy Birthday Mom… 29th again, right?

A few weeks ago my mom decided to run the Miami Marathon and I’m so excited to run with her.  In conjunction with Dave Moore, Jr from Capital Insurance Agency at our Home Office, I am running in honor of his daughter Ashley.  There is something so energizing about running for someone that can’t!  I know that I am going off book a little by dedicating this run to Ashley, but I know that Lauren and her family will understand.

ashleyHere’s Ashley Story:
Ashley was in a terrible accident that left her paralyzed 16 years ago, yet she has continued to become a wonderful and talented young lady. She recently graduated from Full Sail University with her Bachelor’s Degree in Film and Master’s Degree in Creative Writing.
Much of her ability is aided by the technology and resources of The Miami Project!
To read more about Ashley, her story and how you can be apart of The Miami Project: Click Here!

I’ve had several people ask me…. how do you plan on running two marathons that close together? Well, here it is.  I’ve found several running plans that are 2,4,6, and 8 week plans for running between marathons.  I have exactly 8 weeks between Spacecoast and Miami.  So I have selected an 8 week plan from Hal Higdon called the “Senior Marathon Training Program“.

I’m not a senior in years or in running experience – so why did I choose this one?

  • It calls for three days of running, not four to prevent burn out
  • It includes two Stretch and Strengthening days a week, which I need ot do more of
  • The weekly mileage is lower than I’ve had in the previous training plan for Spacecoast, which should allow for more recovery.

Cheers to another 26.2!  Yes… a recap from Spacecoast is coming soon!

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