Meet Sweet Lauren!

Friends and family,

It is with great honor that I get to introduce Lauren to you! She is a three year old little girl with Rett Syndrome. She lives with her parents and big brother in Texas!


Rett Syndrome is a neurological disorder that leads to development reversals affecting mostly little girls with the average onset between the 6-18 months. Lauren started showing signs around a year old and was officially diagnosed earlier this year. Her family is located new a world renowned Rett Clinic. She is in good hands! Lauren does still have mobility but doesn’t walk. She will walk. With upcoming physical therapy, her family has faith that she will walk soon! In the meantime I get to be this little girl’s legs and feet!

Lauren and I were matched through I Run 4 this past Thursday. I’ve gotten two TurboFire workouts in for her and my very first run this morning! I might start my marathon training plan early, I’m so excited to run my first marathon for Lauren!


3 thoughts on “Meet Sweet Lauren!”

  1. Thank you, Jessica, for running for Lauren. I am Lauren’s grandmother and we are so very thankful to you and proud of you!!! Great Job!!

    Charlene Jones

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