Marathon Hydration Belt

Disclaimer: I purchased this belt on my own and was not given anything in exchange for my opinions. I simply wanted to share my thoughts!

Before I set out on this marathon journey I knew that I would have to invest in a hydration belt. After asking some fellow runners and doing some research online, I settled on the Fitletic Hydration Belt.


It has two 8 oz water bottles (with two additional bottles that can be purchased seperately), two GU loops and a zipper pocket in the middle.
I’ve enjoyed almost all of elements of the belt except one – I want more GU loops!! 🙂


You can see one of the loops above I’m using as a flashlight holder. Some of my early morning runs need some extra lighting! 🙂


I love the waterbottles! They self seal and do not leak! (Unless you don’t screw their lids on properly!) I like to freeze my water the night before a long run. Not only is it better for me to consume cold water in the heat, but it keeps the belt cool and sometimes the condensation drips on my leg, which is kind of nice!


So what about you? Do you have a hydration belt you love?

4 thoughts on “Marathon Hydration Belt”

  1. I never thought there was such a thing but it sure sounds nice. Jessica, you do such a wonderful job of encouraging others. Bless you. Love, Grandma

  2. I use the Fitletic belt too. I like the Nathan lined bottles better, because they hold the cold longer, but they don’t fit the Fitletic 🙁 One of my caps broke on the Fitletic, and trying to get a new one from Customer Service has been frustrating (two emails and a direct message on Twitter and zero response from the company). But overall, the belt fits well and works well. Just don’t break a cap 😉

  3. I have a nathan trail belt but i was looking to replace with one that didn’t bounce. My friend Karen has your exact same belt and she let me try it. The fit was amazing and did not bounce at all! It is easier with the bottles in the front too. Karen has 2 extras she puts on the back for marathons. This is definitely on my wish list when i get back to training.

    Happy running!

  4. I just cannot wear a hydration belt. I am so curvy that everyone I try rides up and they are all uncomfortable. So, I will stick to my handheld water bottle that I love. My plan is to drink water / whatever at each hydration station and drink my water in between.

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