Marathon Fuel Options

Disclaimer: I did not receive any of these products for free in exchange for my opinions. All opinions are my honest opinion and products were purchased on my own.

Over the last few weeks I have been exploring some new fuel options in preparation for marathon training.

I went to FitNiche – Wiregrass (great people – very helpful!) and collected one of every kind of fuel.  I am sure that I missed some of them, but I got a wide enough variety for me!  I have previously been using the Gatorade square chews, which are good, but this little experiment of mine was just to ensure that I was using what worked best for me!


So here are my thoughts:

Stinger Waffle – This was a texture issue for me.  I didn’t mind the flavor, but the waffle portion I found hard to eat.  It didn’t bother my stomach at all, but it isn’t on the top of my list.

Stinger Energy Chews – These were again, hard to chew and were larger than the Gatorade chews that I have used before.  So I found myself… TMI Warning… gagging to chew them and get them down.  They also unsettled my stomach a tad, which is something I want to stay away from!

GU (Salted Carmel) – While this was hard to get down (just a texture thing), it was delicious in flavor.  I can imagine utilizing this mid-race with a water chaser!  Do not eat a GU without liquid behind it!  Due to its consistency, it coats your throat and needs to be rinsed down!  This did not mess with my stomach at all and gave me lots of energy.  I utilize one of these during along bike ride in the rain and made it 14 miles because I was feeling good!

Nuun Hydration – My favorite flavor so far is the Cherry Lime with Caffeine! I like drinking this during the day and before long runs.

So… What’s my verdict?
While I may still use the Gatorade chews on my medium runs (5-8 miles), I will probably use a Nuun before the run (or frozen in my water bottles hydration belt water bottles!) and 1-2 GUs on my runs longer than 10 miles.
I’m so glad that I gave them all a try and look forward to exploring the GU and Nuun flavors over the next few weeks!


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