Have you ever felt like you life was in limbo?  Like you were waiting on God to open the next door or waiting for Him to confirm which door you should be walking through next?

It is always a weird place to be, but there is some comfort in this transition.  Since the closing of Van Dyke North Campus, David and I have been attending Emerge on Thursday nights.  Until this last week, Michelle Weger led worship and Todd Leet gave the message.  I have to admit that this last week, without Michelle, I walked in a little apprehensive about what worship would be like.  There was a couple that led worship…. WOW!  I love it when God tells me to shut up and stop worrying.  They were amazing!  They sang two songs that I didn’t know, but the words were powerful! My favorite was “Rescuer”, click here for lyrics:

I want to take a minute and tell you about Michelle – some of you may know her!  I love her!  Perhaps more than I love her, I love how she is a conduit for God’s love!  She is now in Chicago, poor thing!  She is serving at a church called The Well.  If you have a few minutes read the blog about her limbo and transition to Chicago:
If you only have a minute, read how you might be used by God to bless her and her ministry:

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