Lessons from Shopkins Live

Did you ever think that you would hear me say you can learn a life lesson from someone named Jessie Cake? Yeah, me neither!

Disclaimer: I was given a family four pack of tickets in exchange for my promotion of and review of the Shopkins Live event. All opinions are my own.

Say you’re sorry. When Jessie Cake realizes that she has let her friends down, she is the first one to say that she is wrong and try to make it right with her friends.

Make sure that you “nail it”. While this has implications for their actual nails, the premise is that we should do anything that we do with excellence.

Don’t overextend yourself. The whole reason that Jessie Cake let’s her friends down is that she tries to do everything that everyone asks of her. When she finally realizes that she let everyone down, she realizes that she tried to hard to participate in every contest and say yes to every task that she was asked to do.  Overextending meant that she did very little to the best of her abilities.

The girls loved it and wanted to dance in the aisle for every song. The choreography was super cute and very entertaining!

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