Less than 40 days…

In less than 40 days I will begin one of the most honoring but difficult times as mother. 

  • Our teenager will graduate high school. 
  • Our baby will graduate VPK. 
  • Our teenager will turn 18. 
  • Our baby will perform at her dance recital which includes a daddy daughter dance. 
  • Our teenager will start college. 
  • Our baby will start kindergarten. 

Where did my little girls go? When I married David, the big girl was only 8. It has been such an honor to watch her grow up. The addition of our baby to the family was perfect, but I can not believe it’s been 5 years! 

Alright moms, other than stuffing tissues in my pockets 24/7, what are your coping tools for watching your babies grow up? 

1 thought on “Less than 40 days…”

  1. As I watch my baby rock in college, my biggest piece of advice is just to enjoy where you are with them! Enjoy the more mature conversations you can have with each of them, then enjoy the moments when they remind you that they still need you. It’s the definition of bittersweet to watch your babies grow, but watching them become adults and knowing that you had a hand in that is pretty awesome. The relationships that I have with my kids as adults is worth the moments when I just want to hold them again ❤

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