Kick Start Your Week Off Right

Have you ever started a Monday and felt like you weren’t on your game and ready to rock the week?  Here are a few tips that you can use on Sunday to set your week up for a win!

Disclaimer:  I am not perfect at any of these, but when I do one or two of these it makes a difference in the way I start my week!

  1. Clean your sheets – starting the week with a good night of sleep is important.  For me this means clean sheets on a Sunday night to relax me and put me right to sleep. Perhaps you have a different relaxation trigger, but ensuring that your sleep is taken care of will make or break your attitude about Monday morning!
  2. Brain Dump – grab your journal or notebook and put everything that you need to work on down on paper. This will help you prioritize and it also alleviates the “I need to remember to do” – there’s no need to remember because you’ve written it down.
  3. Weekly Meeting – It’s important to meet with your key players every week just to touch base.  We don’t do this well in my house, but when we do it helps all the way around! When we have a family meeting to see where everyone is for the week it makes logistics planning easier for dinners, pick up/drop off, etc. I would love to see my family do this every Sunday afternoon, but schedules don’t often allow it.
  4. Preplan your nutrition and exercise – Is you leave your nutrition and exercise to a ‘fly by the seat of your pants’ mentality, it likely won’t happen.  Meal prepping, scheduling workouts within your week, etc can set you up for a win.  Being intentional will easy the burden that good nutrition and exercise can become if we let it.

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