July 4th Traditions

With July 4th just around the corner, I thought I would share two of our family traditions with you!

The first is the “Flag Cake” – an easy to put together cake that the kiddos love!


  • The base is a strawberry cake – I use Duncan Hines Strawberry Supreme.
  • Let the cake cool before finishing.
  • Next, poke holes in the cake and put a container of frozen sliced strawberries in syrup on top of the cake.
  • Next, a container of whipped cream serves as icing.
  • Top is blueberries and strawberries laid out in a flag pattern (no it’s not a perfect match!)
  • Chill until it’s ready to eat!

Sometimes the decorating gets a little out of hand, but that’s ok – let the kids have fun!

Our other tradition is the Old Navy Flag shirts! They are normally only $5 and come in all sizes to include every member of the family! They make for great family pictures! Check out this cutie!

This was our little ones’s first flag shirt in 2012!

What about you and your family – what are your family’s July 4th traditions?

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