Iron Girl – Earning my Wings

As an Iron Girl Ambassador, I was given the opportunity to run either the 5K or Half Marathon only one week before running the Boston Marathon. I made the smart choice to run the 5K. This alone was heart breaking. The Iron Girl half marathon was my first half marathon ever and has consistently been my PR in 2014 and 2015. It’s an amazing race!

I’m sorry, but I need to back up and tell you one other story before moving into the actual race. I was introduced to Ainsley’s Angels by a sweet lady named Jodi – she is an I RUN 4 runner as well as the Florida Ambassador for Ainsley’s Angels. “AA” is an organization that pushes for inclusion of special needs and otherwise immobile people in running races. See the the AA site for a full history. Back in February of 2016, the face of AA – Ainsley passed away. The I Run 4 and AA communities mourned the loss of this precious girl. Angel runners push angel riders in races all over the country!

After Ainsley’s passing I knew I wanted to do a run and push an angel! So I signed up to be an angel! Of course I always run for Lauren, but on this day we got to share our miles with Natalie! Natalie has Beta-Ketothiolase Deficiency which hinders the way her body breaks down proteins.

I was paired with Wendy – another runner who was earning her wings as well! We were anxious and excited. We talked pace for a little bit and it became clear to me that I was running with a speedy!

On several occasions, Wendy pushed alone or I pushed alone, but we pushed the up the bridges together! Totally a team effort, but I would not have been as fast if I had been alone!

We crossed the finish line first! We were the first Ainsley’s Angel crew across the line!

We posed for the paparazzi and collected our bling!

Both Wendy and I earned our angel wings that day – pushing a sweet girl! We hit a PR for me of 27:24! (Officially we hit a 24 minute 5K, but only because they let us with the strollers start a few minutes before the timer actually started!)

After that kind of speed, I knew I was ready for a PR in Boston just one week later!

Disclaimer: I received a free race entry in exchange for social media love for Iron Girl! Which I would have done for free because I love this event so much! All opinions are my own!

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